Catering Tacos With Ricky Stenhouse & Fastenal


Catering Tacos with (Ricky Stenhouse Jr & Fastenal) & Amazing carne asada event today catering for Fastenal for the re grand-opening of the Phoenix Arizona store. Thank you for the invite to show off our famous authentic street taco catering and be able to eat carne asada tacos inside Ricky’s car,oops! Event was a great success with many sponsors and customers tearing up the tacos and quesadillas. With Wadaa’s guests celebrity Jesus Alfonso lopez upcoming movie star, warming up fresh corn and flour tortillas with carne asada & grilled chicken. Quesadillas loaded with hot melting cheese filled with angus grade carne asada. Taco cart was ready to rock n roll, moving our line fast for all guests to eat, maybe not as fast as Ricky Stenhouse, ha! Snap flash, was the first pic with tacos & Ricky starting the long line. What a way to end a thursday evening catering Wadaa!™ style. Remember to requests Wadaa!™ for your next event

Tacos with Arizona Cardinals NFL Defense Team


Carne asada with Wadaa! Street Tacos &  Catering- with defensive team. Wadaa! catering team had an amazing great taco time grilling tacos and quesadillas filled with juicy carne asada, grilled chicken, & al pastor with Frostee Rucker & Robert Nkemdiche. Arizona offered amazing taco weather just right for a nice backyard set up, with a beautiful evening breeze in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over seeing a beautiful golf course ready to eat TEAR DOWN all the juicy carne asada tacos for full of a crowded hungry football squad! Frostee, Robert & friends welcomed Wadaa!™ with open arms and kind hearts. Both nfl players with amazing humble personalities and gratitude for authentic street tacos. We spoke and conversed about how Wadaa!™ is now giving back to the community with our, discussed there future plans, and projects as well. Frostee was amazed and shocked of our set up and how simple and fast Wadaa!™ Catering team is. Frostee Rucker said, ” These tacos are amazing, growing up in California eating street tacos is my thing and I cant find great taco carts like they do in Los Angeles California here in phoenix! Taco carts are A RELIGION in California! Quesadillas with meat are my favorite, reminds me of the taco guy we get in california, Wadaa!™ tacos are amazing and approved by- the!” Most players ate both corn & flour tortillas, Gluten free wasn’t DISCUSSED at this gathering, we did have our 100% yellow corn gluten free ready to go for guests at any given notice! Frostee’s and Nkemdiche’s gathering was so cool and chill, Wadaa!™ catering ended up donating a couple extra hours for the event and hanging out with the players.