Grub Hub Expands Taco Delivery Service To Phoenix

     Wadaa!™ Street Tacos Never imagined nor intended to ever do taco delivery. When Grub Hub approached Wadaa!™ and showed us there business model, Wadaa!™ then decided to jump aboard taco delivery. We would not have to deal with any driver scheduling which would take a huge load off our management and in our day to day operation. We did not compromise any customer unsatisfaction for not offering taco delivery. Wadaa!™ is not a product we believe should be delivered, but thats what the market wants. The taco stand / taco shop experience is to order and eat your tacos fresh as the tortillas are still warm. Tacos are not pizza or a hamburger, which is easily transported and will always taste well even if its cold. Wadaa!™ has decide to go with what consumers are buying and where the market is trending in the food and service industry. Taco delivery seems to be extremely hot, we live in America and as consumers we are all too busy to grab lunch. Taco delivery makes it easy for clients to enjoy tacos while being directly delivered to their door or work. Wadaa! has then developed a catering department since then. Offering full on taco catering valley wide, for corporate and private events, taco catering is as popular as delivering tacos with grub hub.

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