Catering Questions?

Full Taco Cart Catering – Drop Off Taco Bar – Pick-Up Taco Bar

What Qualifies as a catering?

Anything that is prepaid is a catering, if it is not it falls under events

Is Wadaa™ licensed and insured for catering?


My event location needs to be listed as additionally insured can Wadaa!™ provide certificate?

Yes we can provide all insurance necessary and list the event location as an additionally insured as required by some event locations, we just need the name that would like to be listed as additionally insured and we can add them to our insurance and will email you back the certificate of insurance.

 What do you need from me?

Relax, enjoy your event, and eat amazing tacos wadaa™ style.

 How much time is needed to book, and secure a spot for full catering, drop off, and pick up?

Everyday is a new day and we are consistently being booked, the faster the better, a 40% non-refundable deposit secures your event and order. Remaining balance is due 24 hours prior to event.

 Cancellation Policy? 40% deposit is non refundable, because we have now locked down that day for you and have turned down business to value your event and time, and we have lost additional business, we like to play fair.

 How far in advance should I book wadaa catering or event?

As soon as possible, we cannot guarantee any availability unless 40% has been paid as a deposit, or an event contract has been signed.

 Is there a Service charge

No, how cool is that?

Can we tip?

Yes add tip on receipt, or tip cash to staff that attended and helped with your event .

 Is travel fee included in full catering?

Yes all full catering quotes come with travel included

 Do I need to provide a permit to cater my event?

Not if it is private party and property, and have requested us to be there, unless it is not a private party you might want to check with your city. It is your obligation and responsibility to know that we can be there before you book us.

 Price quotes have gone up since last time we spoke, can you honor the old prices?

Yes and only if we have been paid the 40% non refundable deposit or a contract has been made and signed.

When is the total Due?

Total is Due 24 hours before your event.

 I have filled out the catering requests form, does this guarantee me a spot? Unfortunately no unless a 40% deposit has been paid to Wadaa!™ Street Tacos and or a contract has been made and signed.

 Wadaa™ guaranteed parking.

Client must make sure we are allowed to park and be there, if for any reason we are not allowed to be there, there will be no refunds, you can keep the food, that is yours to keep! We can come back for all dishes at a later date.

What form of payments does Wadaa!™ accept?

All major credit cards and debit, and of course cash $ 😉

Checks, must be received 10 business days prior to event for clearance, payable to wadaa street tacos llc $39 dlls charge for returned or bounced check

 Event was canceled due to weather.

Your choice of refunding 40% of said deposit and wadaa™ keeps the remaining 60% or we can pack all food for you to take and use. Deposit and food together will not be returned only 1 choice of deposit or ready to eat product will be returned.

 Celebrity, corporate, and private catering?

Yes we love Hollywood; wadaa™ is professional and keeps all information disclosed and confidential of location and event of our clients. We understand the privacy, comfort, and security of our clientele and we like to honor and respect our client’s privacy?

 Wadaa’s™ Menu does not list beans and rice; can we add that to our catering?

Absolutely, we can definitely provide beans and rice.

Does Wadaa™ have an unlimited ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffet taco package?


Unlimted tacos, quesadillas, and chips

Guests receive bracelets, which gives access to the cart

To go orders are not allowed

3 items are served per order

Unlimited orders

For every 150 Tacos we serve for 1 hour

Do you provide cutlery?

Yes we include all cutlery and utensils

How many tacos do guests usually eat?

All quotes are based on 3 tacos/ quesadillas per person, unless otherwise stated for less or more.

Does Wadaa™ require a minimum for full catering ?

Our minimum to come hangout out and make tacos is 150 Tacos for Full Catering

Do you do tastings at your restaurant?

Yes, if you feel more comfortable tasting food prior, you are welcomed for a tasting schedule with us

 I have guests with dietary restrictions, what do you recommend?

Yes, we can accommodate special diets; call us to discuss special requests

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free menu items are available.

Do you have a kids menu? Kids loves tacos and for those that dont we can make quesadillas with corn and flour tortillas

 Can we provide additional menu items for our guests, and will you serve it or place aside to wadaa’s™ operation?

Absolutely, you can add anything you would like to be part of your event to a table next to our operation, depending on complexity of food we might not serve but can be added to a table next to us for self serve.

 Is there reduced rate for children?


 Does Wadaa™ require a minimum order for full catering?

150 Tacos Average is 3 Tacos per person

 I want a full catering but not quite have the guests for 150 Tacos?

Its ok all food left over, you keep its your food, tacos and condiments never go to waste, and you can make delicious meals with left overs. Skillets with meat and pico, steak and eggs in the morning, salsa with eggs, more tacos, chilaquilles,tacos dorados etc… tones of recipes

I am stressing on quantity of food and budget, what do I do?

Don’t stress remember you are feeding your guests free food, you cant go wrong they will love the quantity you choose for them.

Can I book Wadaa!™ last minute

Yes, hopefully full catering is available, additional charges can apply. If full catering is not available a pick up or delivery catering may be an option.

Out of Taco cart catering?

Is the event on the rooftop? No crane to lift taco cart, don’t worry we can take wadaa directly to your private oasis, backyards, rooftops, etc. with our breakdown process.

How many Wadaa!™ staff arrive for a full catering event?

1-3 is average, but can increase depending on event and amount of tacos.

Wadaa!™ Experience?

We’ve been eating tacos since we were born…

Are Wadaa™ staff uniformed and well groomed?

Yes, all staff are uniformed and groomed

Can Wadaa™ cater inside?

Yes we can cater on your rooftop, inside your house; you name it we can do it … All events vary and we will accommodate based on event and number of guests.

How much space do we need?

Space is determined on number of guests and event, don’t worry we can make it happen; equipment all varies depending on your needs and wants.

Do you need electricity, water, tables, extensions cords, work lights, table clothes, shade, trashcans, generators, etc.…?

Wadaa Street Tacos has all equipment necessary to provide services, keep in mind all events do vary in sizes and we can accommodate based on special needs of event, prices can increase if additional equipment is needed based on your event size and needs, we will discuss in detail.

Does wadaa™ cater big crowds and masses?

Our team loves crowds; we specialize in masses and love bringing out our mobile wadaa™ taco cart taqueria.

How does the food stay warm? Chaffing kit with fuel, and or plugged in steamers, taco cart ; all events and caterings vary on equipment.

Can I pick up? Yes, it is cheaper

How much space is needed? Space will depend on event and number of guests

Do you deliver? Yes we delivery drop off catering’s upon availability

Do you have an alternative to the taco cart full catering? Yes! Pick up and delivery

Yes even though wadaa street tacos ™ recommends booking the taco cart to eat fresh and hot tacos right off the taco cart, pick up and drop off is available?

Major Holiday Catering?

Thanksgiving and Christmas NO Catering Family Time

New Years is an additional Cost

Why is my quote price higher then the priced menu options?

Prices can vary based on travel, amount of tacos can require more staff for prep and serving, additional in house labor, duration of event, time of event, holiday pricing, after hours, etc…

Full Catering is not in my budget is there an alternative?

Pick up or drop off caterings can be priced less depending on needs, call us and we can try our best to accommodate your budget and guests.

What size of event does wadaa cater?

We cater all events, little or BIG, if theres a gathering we can cater with full catering, drop off catering, and pick up catering options.

Do you set up and clean up?


What time does Wadaa™ catering team arrive, and how much time do you need for set up?

We usually arrive 1hour – 1 ½ prior to event, we don’t like to rush our setup, and its better to be early then late. Set up takes about 30 minutes, and of course depending on event size as well but that is an average time for most events.






Pick Up  & Drop Off Taco Bar

What is Included in pick up and drop off Catering

***Salsa bar:

Pico de gallo, onion/cilantro, cabbage, limes, grilled salsa (mild), red original hot salsa (hot),     guacamole sauce; all condiments are individually iced packed

****Chaffing dishes: keeps food warm

***Chaffing fuel: keeps food warm

***Chaffing wire racks: Holds food and gives a professional presentation

***Cutlery:Plates, napkins, and utensils

***Your order: Your customized taco order

***FREE TACO COUPONS: FREE wadaa™ taco coupons, for all guests ($3 value each FREE)

***OPTIONAL: Griddle and tong kit ($30 additional), guests can experience making there very own tacos, amazing!

Do customers usually order pre made tacos or do they separat the meat and tortillas?

Corporate will order pre made mostly, but we recommend the griddle for an additional $30, giving your guests and experience of making there very own tacos

If we order the griddle kit, do I need an extension cord?

Depends on how far the electrical outlet is, the griddle extension is only 2 feet long.It doesn’t hurt to have one near by.

My order is small is it considered a drop off / pick up catering Under 60 Tacos?

We categorize that into a call in to go order, call us.

Is there a minimum for a drop off taco bar catering?

Yes no less then 60 tacos

Can meat and tortillas be separate? Yes!

Yes, we can give you meat and tortillas separate, and can provide you with a portable griddle and tongs, ($30 additional) your guests will then heat up and make there very own tacos and quesadillas, awesome experience.

Can guests make there own tacos? Yes

Yes, we can give you meat and tortillas separate, and can provide you with a (portable griddle and tongs $25 additional) your guests will heat up and make there very own tacos and quesadillas, great experience

Is there a fee for a drop off? Yes

Fee will be based on mileage, and drop off is only available upon availability schedule of wadaa™

Do you need a deposit? yes?

Yes all caterings require a 40% deposit and must be paid in full 24 hours prior to pick up or delivery.

Are tacos pre made tacos?

You have the choice of wadaa™ pre making the tacos or placing meat and tortillas separate, and guests making there own with a portable griddle and tongs for an additional $30 dlls, your guests can then heat up and make there very own tacos and quesadillas, amazing experience.

Do you come and set up?

Yes, our wadaa™ team members will deliver and set up.

How much space is needed?

That will depend on your order size. But usually a counter or a table designated for us will work; again it will all depend on your order size.

Can I tip the delivery/set up driver?

Absolutely, cash or on reciept


FAQ Event Vendor

Can you vend a big crowd?

Absolutely we love the adrenaline!